My name is Anna

I think it is truly rare and as such, even more precious, that a passion pervades in someone from childhood and constantly continues to grow, while weaving itself into the ups and downs of life till it becomes impossible to distinguish between what one feels bound to do and what one does for passion.
Even as a young child... Anna cultivated a particular, and I would add "exceptional" propensity for the aesthetic, good taste, finding the appropriate details and original matches but all this with refined taste...
It has always been impossible not to notice the way in which she dressed, so different, so "Anna". This was not however the usual tendency of all young girls who follow fashion and then choose a certain style. It was something more. I dare say that if it hadn´t blossomed into what it is today. I would have jokingly defined it as "madness".
Anna was born in the South, in a small town in the Molise region. The classical easy going bourgeois life with a wonderful, solid and reassuring family, a puppy love which can be traced back to childhood, friends, school and university life in a big city in Tuscany.
After her degree in law, when she is "grown up" Anna chooses to return to her native town. For love, I would say, but for such a love, anyone, I believe, would have done the same, she returns home with words of love engraved on her heart, words which give her the certainty of not feeling "out of place" in that confined reality.
.... "One foot in and one foot out" as her father would say, but his example offered Anna more than his words. Our limits are those which our spirit sets and not those set by physical barriers. The soul needs air, breath, to lose itself in dreams and this can happen anywhere.
I never thought that Anna would have been happy in choosing a profession related to her studies but, at the same time I know that to break old habits and change perspective one needs a very strong motivation and an equal amount of courage. She possessed both and I personally believe that passion won over convention, a bet, big enough to make one dizzy.
Anna started to physically create that which was already perfectly completed within her...She did so with the enthusiasm of a young girl at play and the ability of a woman who masters the craft.
From the South we receive the preciousness of the fabrics, their purity, their colour along with the tradition of artfully sewn garments.
Garments which are timeless and "never" in fashion have a refined simplicity which is due to research and study and where, in fact, nothing is left to chance.
It is also where the final product is created from the mix of Anna´s ideas and the precious participation of her "team". All  young women but with a great experience. All from the Molise area and all enthusiastic about taking part in this emotional adventure.
"The theatre" that Anna has majestically prepared for her creations to dance in and her love in hosting them invokes, and like magic one can find oneself anywhere in the world. Such is its extension......
In that house in Liberty style that dates to the 1900s, re-opened after the terrible earthquake of October 31, 2002, the grace of the garments manifests itself among the sparkle of all that white and hidden among furniture and objects of immense charm deriving from different eras and locations, all beautifully matched, Anna artfully creates different settings every time.
She is certain, as I am, that in those rooms there flutters the spirit of a woman who immensely loved clothes and who lived with wonder and enthusiasm every day of her life. Perhaps, it is also for this reason that when we enter Anna´s studio we are overwhelmed by a delightful sense of happiness.